In-Depth #3 -My Mentor

I’ve been going to my wheel-throwing class for 5 weeks so far, each week my mentor has been there teaching me different tips and skills to get better at making pots, bowls, vases and cups. Although I did have to miss this week because of a very important basketball game, which is too bad the two overlap because of how fun each wheel-throwing class has been. Everything is really running.. Read More

Document of Learning

How would our civilization differ if the land bridge between Alaska and Russia stayed there and did not submerge underwater? Think about that. I know I did. So did everyone around me. I asked my classmates, friends, family, teammates and then recorded a number of answers in the list below. “Indian” culture would be much better preserved. Trading’s between the whole world. Killings by the Europeans would not be so.. Read More

In Depth #2

So far I have been to only two wheel throwing classes and I already know how to make vases, cups and bowls! I’m not particularly good at them, but each one I make gets a bit better and better. I have to admit, I didn’t think that pottery could be this fun. Once I get a better feel for the clay, I will be making amazing objects in no time… Read More