What has been my most difficult challenge so far?
What is working well?
What could be working better? How could you make sure this will happen?

So far in my wheel-throwing endeavors I have thrown 9 cups and bowls. Unfortunately, from the steps between throwing and the end product, more than half of those cups and bowls got damaged some how. Two bowls dried out to much to trim, so those became useless. I being the clumsy person i am, dropped one of the bowls. One cup fell off the wheel while I was trimming the bottom of it. And my personal favorite, while I was trimming one cup, I sneezed and accidentally turned my useful cup into a not so useful bracelet. That’s right, because if my allergies I took the bottom off of a cup. It’s ok though because I got this funny story to tell. :) If this humors you at all, feel free to look at the bottom of this post for some pictures of my modified cup. So, in conclusion, my most difficult challenge so far is to simply not ruin all my projects. On the bright side, I’ve decided for In Depth night I will have a section of the station to me specifically for all the broken/deformed objects. With these at my station, I will be able to tell people what I’ve learned by making mistakes, and how I learned it. Also, to answer my frustration of my last post and what is working well, I have gained control of not getting super mad. My mentor Clive has helped me out lots with that. Before when I messed up, I would try and save my wreckage, but now, he told me it’s best just to move on to a fresh slab of clay and start over. These last few weeks have been very productive for me. I’ve been getting a feel for the clay more, and making less mistakes. Stay toned for next post when a couple of my objects come out of the kiln completely finished!

Pictures time!