During these past couple weeks I have been making ceramics more and more. Now that I have the skills for them, I just need to practise them. Lately my mentor has just been helping me with my technique and keeping it proper. Now that my classes at Port Moody Art Centre have finished, new learning opportunities, like practising during Sunday drop-ins or staying late at school, have risen for my to get repetitions. To move forward in my learning faster, I like to go to the Art Centre drop-ins because there are so many friendly, experienced artists there, that are always willing to give me helpful tips even without me asking. This can be really helpful when I’m doing a technique one person taught me, but there is another one that works better in a specific scenario. When I am with my mentor, we don’t quite have the talking kind of relationship. Mostly my mentor will show me different techniques, then watch as I practise them to get it right. Once in a while we talk about different ways to make interesting pieces, or something I’m curios about, but its usually quiet as we all work. I am pleased that my mentor understands how I like to learn. The part that is going best is when he knows I can see what is wrong with my piece and I’m in the process of fixing it, so instead of condescendingly reminding me what I did wrong, he will come back in a couple minutes just to make sure I fixed it and understand how made the mistake in the first place. All in all, these last few weeks have been very productive, and I have really made a strong connection with my mentor teaching me. :)


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