Dear Diary,
How could the King and Queen be such cowards?! During my day at the marketplace, there was even more chitter chatter about how the Royals moved to Versailles. Who do they think they are, leaving us when things get bad. They are in this just as much as we are and I will not rest until they move back to Paris. I am sick and tired of everyone telling me I can’t make a difference to the King’s choices. This revolution needs to continue until the King is either executed or he gives the common people the majority of the vote. Not to mention we need a real democracy. There is a reason we are called COMMON people, because we are the biggest group. So why should we have the smallest say?! Tomorrow I will gather my fellow women commoners and march to Versailles. I don’t care if it takes us a week to get there, I am not letting the King stay out in the countryside while the rest of us struggle to live to the next day. The King needs to move back. I know he will because I will make him.
Until next time,
Reine Audu.