Dear Diary,
Today marks the 6 year anniversary of what they are calling my “Women’s March to Versailles”. I like the sounds of that. It makes me think maybe the rights of women will be fair someday, maybe even equal to men. Since my March, I’ve been thrown in jail twice, but thankfully escaped. Both for speaking my opinion in public. Honestly, I got off easy. People around me have been killed on the spot for speaking their mind, at least I’m not dead yet. My luck is starting to run out. Rumors are spreading of them looking for me again, and jail might not be an option this time.

The fruit-selling business has been as encouraging as always, and less and less people are remembering me for my March. It seems so simple just to change my name and disappear from the excitement of this Revolution. The end of it is near, and doesn’t need my help. Women are getting a say in the result of what happens, and that is all I could ask for. The name Reine Audu will be a strong, courageous name highly remembered for her leadership role, but starting now, I won’t be remembered as Reine Audu. For the safety of my life, I will stay in the shadows of thee marketplace, selling my fruit in peace.
Sincerely Yours,
Rita Arora