In Depth Post #2 Flair Bartending

To start off, in-depth this year has been a sort of rocky start for me. I had major trouble deciding what topic to do, changing my mind atleast 4 times. But I have officially decided to do Flair Bartending. For those that don’t know, Flair Bartending is the tricks bartenders do flipping and juggling bottles to entertain guests, while making drinks. So, just a heads up for everyone, I am.. Read More

Leadership 360 Myth and Challenge Questions

The Position Myth. Q. 2 In the past year, I’ve learned lots from my peers, mostly by observing they’re successes and failures. One key leadership failure I’ve observed over the past year was from a teammate of mine, during the summer. She showed everyone with a fair bit of bossing, yelling and putting people down, that she intended to lead the team. Unfortunately, that didn’t make us feel so excited.. Read More

The Real InDepth Intro Post (aka ignore the old one)

  The life long conundrum. I want to eat good food, but I want to be fit. As an athlete this is an extremly important topic to take notice to. As I was struggling to find a topic for in-depth, I brainstormed tons of potentially interesting ideas, but each of these ideas are things I would have to force myself to do each week where in the end, the skills.. Read More

The Cute Clothes and No Job Solution

Picture this. You are a teenage girl walking through the school hallways and spot someone walking with the cutest, most flattering skirt in the entire universe. So being the outgoing girl you are, you run up to this skirt-wearer and beg her to tell you where she bought it. And she says the three worst words you ever want to hear. She says…  I don’t know How will you buy.. Read More