TALONS: is our past destined to be our future?

Where have we been? Where are we going? Mr. Jackson, this is a very broad subject. To anwer the first question, I can split it into multiple subtopics: My past, talons past, and humans past. I’m not going to talk about humans past because that’s what socials is for. I want to talk about my opinion of where the talons class have been, more specifically, the talons graduating class of.. Read More

Flair Bartending Seminar: Feb. 22nd

Week six and seven have been EXTREMELY productive. Reason for? I got to go to my mentor’s seminar on Flair Bartending! Although I’ve met with him twice before, and emailed a couple times, this was a different experience because I got to witness his teachings of the crowd, as well as get a hands on learning experience of over a dozen different moves. In my course there were 6 students.. Read More

*Crash* “Sara Stop Dropping the Bottles!”

It’s amazing how many times a day one can hear the same sentence over and over again. Yes, I am referring to my title. Week four and five have been the most productive two weeks so far. My mentor has met with me twice, as well as emailed back and forth with me a couple of times. The past two weeks I have been practicing a few simple new Flairtending.. Read More