It’s amazing how many times a day one can hear the same sentence over and over again. Yes, I am referring to my title. Week four and five have been the most productive two weeks so far. My mentor has met with me twice, as well as emailed back and forth with me a couple of times. The past two weeks I have been practicing a few simple new Flairtending moves, not entirely successfully, but I am definitely getting progress.

The first move I have been practicing, is the Flip to Pour Bottle Trick. This trick is the final step in a bartending routine. As the title explains it, the move is flipping the bottle to pour the drink for someone. This includes a one handed, single rotation. At first when I was shown the trick, I kept awkwardly miss throwing the bottle, causing it to look unprofessional when I performed the trick. My mentor noticed the problem, and gave me the tip that I was doing lots of unnecessary movement in my arms when throwing the bottle that caused more room for error. (“How to Respond”) Slightly off topic, but my brain made an automatic connection to when I’m shooting free throws in basketball and that to have the right shooting form, you are only to do movements that are absolutely necessary.

Another issue I had with my flairtending form was the tenseness of my arm when throwing. Flairtending should be fluid and relaxed looking, so the tenser the muscles, the awkwarder it looks. This is where the How to be Interesting chapter kicked in. To help get me to loosen up, my mentor and I asked a lot of what if questions. These involved “What if you don’t catch the bottle and just throw it?” “What if you shake your arm out before you throw?” By experimenting with my difficulties, I got a lot more comfortable with throwing around the bottle, and therefore felt much more relaxed.

The second move I learned was the Flat Behind the Back Move. Any move with the word flat in it, means no rotations, or the rotation is performed in a way that no liquid is poured out. These moves are for bottles with lots of liquid in them. The Flat Behind the Back Move is simply and toss behind the back where the bottle doesn’t rotate and stays level, but looks over exaggerated for effect. Simple move? Think again. One small flick of the finger during the toss, and your bottle is flown across the room, spewing alcohol everywhere. Trust me, I learned the hard way. But with a bit of practice, I don’t make a total mess most of the time.

That’s all for these two weeks! Stay tuned for next post when I’ll have the videos of me performing these, and more tricks.