Ottawa and Faith

Diary Entry #1903 December 31, 1857 Confidence is the key to making decisions. My father used to tell me this often as a child. I’ve been thinking of him quite a bit lately. As my Loyal Subjects look to me, I look to his wisdom to lead my way. If here were here, what would he do? I often ask myself this. So many questions I would have for him… Read More

Broken Bottles Part 1

  So before we get to the part of my indepth that relates to my title, let’s talk about the beginning of my march break! My march break has been extremely productive, just like my last couple weeks! To start off the break, My family went to my family friends house and skied for a few days. After the ski slopes closed, we’d drive back to Pemberton and hang out.. Read More

#5 The ________ Hat

These past two weeks of flair-bartending training have been fairly easy-going. I’ve finished learning the basics of flair bartending moves and just need to practice them now. This post isn’t going to be very wordy, because I feel like flair bartending doesn’t need much explanation. It’s more of a fascination of watching and interacting event. So below are a bunch of the flair bartending moves I’ve been practicing. Please watch.. Read More

My loyal subjects of 1838

Journal of My Coronation Day: At 10, I got into the State Coach with the Duchess of Sutherland & Lord Albemarle and we began our Progress. It was a fine day, & the crowds of people exceeded what I have ever seen, being even much greater than when I went to the City. There were millions of my loyal subjects, assembled in every spot, to witness the Procession. Their good.. Read More

The Underground “Railroad”

Before we get started, this underground railroad is NOT actually a railroad, it is a secret network of routes and safe houses that helped people escape slavery and reach Canada/free land. The resource I used for this post can be found here —> “Places had code names to help keep the routes secret. Detroit, from which most left the United States, was known as “Midnight.” The Detroit River was called “Jordan,”.. Read More