Op-Ed Cartoon: Aboriginal Land Trades Are Immoral.

Aboriginal Bands are constantly being asked to trade their land. It’s happened many times in the past, and its still happening today. During the settling of Europeans in Canada, violence played a big part in the riddance of Indians. Today, they are just being offered deals they can’t refuse. Take the Prince Rupert LNG deal for instance. Classic for white people just wanted more land, and couldn’t leave the Native.. Read More

Difference Between Right, Wrong and Right at the Wrong Time.

Before I start my blog post about Aboriginal and European interactions in Canada from 1815-1914, I need to address some points about my learning in Socials this next term and our discussion in class about influential people pf the classroom. We recently just got our report cards and I was mildly disgusted by the grade I got. After discussing with Mr. J about why I suck at Socials, I thought.. Read More