Aboriginal Bands are constantly being asked to trade their land. It’s happened many times in the past, and its still happening today. During the settling of Europeans in Canada, violence played a big part in the riddance of Indians. Today, they are just being offered deals they can’t refuse. Take the Prince Rupert LNG deal for instance. Classic for white people just wanted more land, and couldn’t leave the Native reserves at peace. In the past, this has happened a number of times. For example, the Canadian Pacific Railway from back when Canada was still being settled. Just like the railway, we now are creating the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Can’t we learn from our mistakes and leave their land peaceful with a shred of pride and grace? Are we really so naïve we can’t be happy with the fact over 95% of Canada is land consisting of people other than aboriginal? That means we have kicked them out of almost all of their land! And we just keep going! I hope eventually, we will see how wrong it is to bully Natives off land we promised them, and put an end to it.


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