When choosing which Political Party to dedicate this blog post to I flip-flopped a lot. First I settled on the Conservatives, because I felt like they had a lot of information to back them up on their pillars, and they have recent successes on their side. But then I went on their site and found out it wasn’t mobile-friendly. Not to mention their shade of blue was very bland and wouldn’t as many votes as a powerful royal blue. Being the materialistic girl I am, I found their page boring. I want a party that has that extra pizzazz. With that said, I appreciated the amount of detail they went into with what they stand for.

Next I went to the NDP, and liked what I saw. As soon as you get to the website, there’s multiple videos with a smiling Thomas Mulcair. He warms your heart talking about his children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, after doing some research about them, I found they give off a flaky vibe, as if they would say anything just to get your vote. I’m sorry, but if I were to give you a vote, one of my most important qualities I would look for is consistency and reliability. When the NDP randomly throw in environment to get more votes, I can’t help but think they aren’t entirely serious about actually wanting to help the environment.

Finally, I found myself at the Liberal’s webpage. This webpage was the neatest, most organized and simple page out of the three of them. Not to mention extremely mobile friendly. They even had cute doodles of families and kids smiling. So, being the visual learner I am, thought I finally found a party I liked. And then I started clicking around to find what they were passionate about. There was just a bunch of clip art and animations of kids skipping rope! I’m not five! I would like to know their opinions about situations that matter. I couldn’t find any paragraphs or evidence to back up their statements. After a while they seemed like those “stand-up-straight businessmen” with the perfectly tailored suits you just can’t trust.

So at this point I thought if I could just combine the parts I like from each party maybe I could create a party Canada would be able to rely on.

Picture this for a party:

1) The reliability and firm hand of the right wing Conservatives, that focus of protecting the economy of Canada. And which shows the steps to their plan in detail.

2) The friendly, warm vibe the NDP give off. Talking about the future positively with goals of a secure happy economy

3) The presentation and evolution (left wing) of the Liberal, a younger, simpler looking website, that is easy to navigate.

With these three key pillars of each party combined, I think Canada would have a party on their hands, they can’t refuse. Unfortunately I don’t see how this could ever happen, so with that said, I think the closest to this “dream-team” party would be NDP.