Last post of Eminent 2013! Wow. So through out the eminent project I used a number of resources. Below are the links of articles or information of Allison that helped me, along with a brief summary of what I used it for. Links to information I used (not including interview with Alison McNeill): I used Allison McNeill’s twitter feed to get to know her, as a person, better. Also to.. Read More

Learning Center Object Intro

I can’t stand cleaning, especially my garage. The disgusting spiders, dusty leaves…ew! So when I was organizing it over the weekend, I sure as hell wasn’t happy. Of course, because of an amazing find, it definitely was worth it. As you all know, my Eminent Person is Allison McNeill, a basketball coach. I was first introduced to her when I was around 6 years old, at a basketball practise. Even.. Read More

Copy of Eminent Speech

The following couple paragraphs is my eminent speech. Enjoy! Choices. The basketball pounds against the floor in a rhythmic beat. I glance up at the stands remembering the crowds of people cheering us on this summer at the Olympics, Allison McNeill, our head coach, jumping up and down. Smiling at the happy memory, for seconds my worries are forgotten. But then I snap back into reality. Frustration flows through my.. Read More

Library Adventures

Last Thursday all the talons learners piled into two school buses to get books for our Eminent Person project. Being the uncertain decision-maker that I am, I still hadn’t figured out who my eminent person was. Going into the field trip, my choices were narrowed down to three different people: Allison McNeill, Tyra Banks, and Arlene Dickinson. Spoiler Alert! By the end of the day, I chose Allison McNeill.  .. Read More

Allison McNeill -My Proper Eminent

Firstly, If there is any confusion. I’ve switched my Eminent Person because I realized, although Arlene Dickinson is remarkable, her achievements and area of work does not interest me much. I have a deep life question I’ve been pondering over. If your work is your hobby, can it still be your work? In Allison McNeill’s case, it can. McNeill is 54 years old. Of those 54 years she has been.. Read More

Eminent Person Introductory

arlene on DD

Arlene Dickinson is one of the most mentally strong, influential Canadian woman, in my opinion. Though Dickinson had to overcome many hardships in her life, by learning from others with a keen observer’s eye, she has been able to create a stable life for herself. Currently, Arlene Dickinson is a CEO of Venture Communications, a self-made multi-millionaire, a cast of the popular CBC television show “Dragon’s Den”, as well as.. Read More