The French Revolution

Dear Diary, Today marks the 6 year anniversary of what they are calling my “Women’s March to Versailles”. I like the sounds of that. It makes me think maybe the rights of women will be fair someday, maybe even equal to men. Since my March, I’ve been thrown in jail twice, but thankfully escaped. Both for speaking my opinion in public. Honestly, I got off easy. People around me have.. Read More

Fall of the Monarchy

Dear Diary, How could the King and Queen be such cowards?! During my day at the marketplace, there was even more chitter chatter about how the Royals moved to Versailles. Who do they think they are, leaving us when things get bad. They are in this just as much as we are and I will not rest until they move back to Paris. I am sick and tired of everyone.. Read More

SS: Reine Audu French Revolution

Dear Diary, The day started just as any other. I woke up in my small house just outside of Paris to the already busy roads. It may be the crack of dawn, but in the commoners’ village, rest is for the sick¬†and ¬†starving. Quickly putting on my dress and coat, I grabbed my fruit baskets and hurried out the door. To get a good spot in the market, I have.. Read More

Document of Learning

How would our civilization differ if the land bridge between Alaska and Russia stayed there and did not submerge underwater? Think about that. I know I did. So did everyone around me. I asked my classmates, friends, family, teammates and then recorded a number of answers in the list below. “Indian” culture would be much better preserved. Trading’s between the whole world. Killings by the Europeans would not be so.. Read More